Hawk Stock

Our vision. Your reality! Tried & tested trailer specs and designs.

We’ve always had the vision to offer the best spec’d trailers available, and we feel we’ve accomplished that. Over the years, we’ve taken the opportunity to work with our customers and manufacturers to develop specific trailers specs for specific needs. This process goes deeper than the exterior look - it encompasses every facet of the trailer inside and out. Creating these tried and tested specs and designs does not happen overnight.

Our Hawk Stock trailers have evolved over many years of development and experimentation by listening to customer and manufacturer input. Our ongoing commitment to align technology and innovation with customer needs has helped us create these masterpieces. We invite you to see why our Hawk Stock specs have proven themselves over time. These are the main staple trailers that our company and customers count on, and we are proud to have our name on them.

Dry Van Trailers