Truck-Lite 15729 15 Series License Kits-Gray Bracket

Truck-Lite 15729 15 Series License Kits-Gray Bracket
Truck-Lite 15729 15 Series License Kits-Gray Bracket
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Truck-Lite TRL 15729 15729 15 Series License Kits-Gray Bracket Truck-Lite extends a Limited Warranty to the original purchaser that the warranted products defined below are free from defects in workmanship and/or materials only, whereby Truck-Lite will replace any warranted product to the original consumer/purchaser if the product fails because of defect due to workmanship and/or materials within the limited warranty period from the date imprinted on the product. Each Limited Warranty as applicable is not transferable and applies to the original installation of the Truck-Lite product. To be eligible for Limited Warranty protection the Truck-Lite products must remain intact, free from physical abuse, and not subject to improper installation. The Limited Warranty of the lamp products applies to 12-volt lamps only. This offer does not constitute in any way a product guarantee and Truck-Lite does not hereby assume any obligation of any kind whatsoever beyond sending a free replacement product. Unless expressly agreed to in writing by Truck Lite, Truck-Lite does not warrant its products as to their fitness for any special use or function. Gray Features snap-fit mount for quick installation & easy replacement Bracket may be surface mounted Recommended mounting locations available Material Polycarbonate bracket Recommended Accessories 97032 - mounting gasket gray Polycarbonate License Lighting Lighting and Accessories License Lighting
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