Pewag GSC-XL Glacier Shoe Chains

Pewag GSC-XL Glacier Shoe Chains
Pewag GSC-XL Glacier Shoe Chains
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Pewag PEW GSC-XL GSC-XL Glacier Shoe Chains For many years Pewag has been the leading supplier of traction chains around the world. As a technology leader we offer innovative, reliable and proven solutions for the most difficult applications. The goods sold in this catalog are warranted free from defects in workmanship and materials for 90 days from the date of purchase. No other warranty, expressed or implied, is given and no affirmation of SELLER, by words or action, shall constitute a warranty. Buyer must notify SELLER in writing, within 10 days of discovery of the alleged defect and within the warranty period stated above. Aggressive ALL-METAL spikes and chain links for maximum outdoor traction and durability Easy-on & Easy-off design Great for slick icy sidewalks, porches, stairs, slopes, inclines, and driveways Durable elastic rubber keeps them in place Size XL: 11-13 Shoe Chains Traction Control Shoe Chains