About Stoughton Trailers ...

Our goal is simple: We want to make our customer's trailers more productive, longer lasting and lower maintenance. From start to finish, Stoughton focuses on the details. That's why Stoughton has earned the reputation for delivering high-quality, long lasting trailers and intermodal products that effectively lower your operating costs.

The pressure to keep a fleet profitable is intense. Increased competition, federal regulation and the ever-changing nature of the freight delivery business continues to challenge even the most efficiently run organization. So, most of your buying decisions come down to a simple proposition, how can you reduce the cost of equipment ownership?

When it comes to dry freight vans, platforms or intermodal containers and chassis, the tendency is to assume that because they all tend to look alike, they are essentially the same. But when you take a closer look, there are major differences from one trailer to another. These differences are primarily in the many design and manufacturing details that, when added together, make Stoughton trailers, and Stoughton intermodal containers and chassis the highest quality, most durable products available. These details will significantly lower your cost of ownership.

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