About Great Dane Trailers ...

Great Dane Trailers, a manufacturer of dry van, refrigerated and platform trailers, has long been regarded as the industry leader in technology, innovation, and quality. The company, headquartered in Savannah, Georgia and Chicago Illinois, has 9 manufacturing plants in the United States and distribution points across North and South America.

Great Dane utilizes a network of company-owned branches and full-line independent dealers as well as parts-only independent dealers to contribute a tradition of leadership by example. Great Dane leads the industry with products that meet the needs of the transportation industry today and for the future. Combining over a century of manufacturing expertise with cutting-edge technology, Great Dane pushes the limits of our products from the inside out.

At the forefront of trailer innovation, Great Dane makes the possibilities for our partners virtually unlimited. From cutting-edge technology to innovative solutions designed to extend the life of your trailer, Great Dane delivers. Follow us - we're leading the way.

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